The Mobile Move: How to Encourage Grocery Shoppers to Go Mobile

After explaining why you should get in-store shoppers to download and use your mobile shopping app, now it’s time to discuss different ways of doing so. Here are a number of suggestions that should help you send a clear message to shoppers regarding the value of using your grocery shopping app. 

  1. Communicate the benefits to in-store customers: When shoppers visit your store, expose them to the idea of using the app by publishing the app’s name and advantages throughout the store. Let them know that it will save them time and money from the first second. You should also train employees to communicate this message and help customers start using the app on the spot. 
  1. Create an easy offline-online transition: Now that in-store shoppers are aware of your app and express interest in using it, make it super easy for them to get started by including a QR code in your ads. Take advantage of the momentum and turn their curiosity into installs. Chances are that this will be their first encounter with your digital presence, so make it a smooth and seamless one.   
  1. Spot tech-savvy users: The use of in-store technology is on the rise, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it prepares shoppers who didn’t use mobile shopping apps up until now to make the move. For example, when encountering 87% of shoppers who prefer stores that offer touchless self-checkout options, retailers should first recognize the opportunity and then capitalize on this in-store behavior to offer more digital services, such as a mobile app. Taking things to the next level would include presenting a relevant message on in-store screens. The same goes for shoppers who join your brand’s social-media communities or communicate with your business online.  
  1. Help struggling users: Believe it or not, some people weren’t born with a smartphone in their hand and could use some mobile use guidance. The irony is that elderly shoppers who seem to struggle more with certain technologies also have the most to gain from mobile grocery shopping, especially right now. Build a user-friendly app that includes simple and clear text and doesn’t assume that everyone is mobile fluent. Add support features, and guide in-store staff to identify and assist users who are aware of the app but continue to shop exclusively in-store because they struggle with it.  
  1. Offer incentives: This may be the oldest trick in the book, but it’s there for a reason. Give mobile shoppers special offers and promotions for downloading and using your app. Communicate these offers as part of your in-store ads and make sure to follow through on your promise, otherwise users’ first mobile interaction with your brand will be rather disappointing. 

The above ideas should help you turn frequent in-store shoppers into devoted hybrid or mobile ones. Once shoppers start using your app, they will hopefully figure out the benefits and never want to uninstall. That is, assuming you built a great grocery shopping app to begin with. Not sure how? Contact or read our guide on the topic!

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