The best of both worlds: Create the perfect omnichannel holiday shopping experience

The holiday season is all about festivity, family, and…shopping. It’s no secret that spending surges around the holidays, with everyone looking for the perfect gift and preparing a fancy dinner. This year, the celebration will take place mostly online, with at least 40% of shoppers planning to do most purchases online. The pandemic has contributed a lot to that transition, but we’ve seen the switch to digital evolve over the past few years. This is a considerable acceleration of a process that was already in motion.   

Shoppers haven’t completely abandoned in-store shopping yet, and we believe that they are less likely to do so in the near future. The use of technology is expected to follow buyers wherever they go and nearly 70% of grocery shoppers already use retailers’ apps in-store. Smartphones have become such an integral part of any sort of buying experience that, according to Google, 71% of in-store shoppers consider their mobile phone an essential element in their shopping journey

The best way to address this situation is by offering a perfect omnichannel experience. Retailers should cater to the mobile needs of in-store shoppers. With the holidays coming up, it’s critical to do so ASAP to complete customers’ onboarding process in time. Here are three mobile capabilities to focus on first. 

A great find: Search and navigation 

Not being able to find what they’re looking for tops customers’ list of in-store frustrations. Luckily for them, mobile search can solve this problem. Nearly half of shoppers say that complicated and unsuccessful product search upsets them. Two in three shoppers often fail to find relevant information and 43% end up leaving the store frustrated for that reason. Navigating within the store is another cause for friction, with 83% of surveyed shoppers stating negative in-store navigation experience as stress-inducing. Offering customers quick advice that doesn’t depend on the availability of store staff is a brilliant solution. 

On point: Coupons and loyalty points

When it comes to the payment process, long lines aren’t the only thing customers are worried about. Especially now, people want to save and reap the benefits of being loyal customers. In-app coupons and loyalty points are easy to utilize, and 95% of shoppers want to connect their loyalty points to smart technology solutions. These features will optimize the checkout process and end the shopping journey on a positive note. 15% of shoppers state that they are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers loyalty programs, especially when it comes to their holiday shopping. Adding coupons and loyalty points capabilities to the mobile platform can yield a nice sales boost for retailers. 

Coupons can also be used during the consideration stage, as product recommendations. Brands may offer personalized suggestions that include discounts to enhance shoppers’ journey. Such recommendations can be featured in a shoppable video for a more engaging experience. 

Down the line: Scan & Go 

Customers hate standing in line, especially during the busy holiday season and even more so when a pandemic puts their health at risk. Lines make 52% angry and leave 82% of shoppers wishing for a scan and pay mobile solution. At the moment, contactless options also make shoppers’ list of demands. We can all relate to this feeling, which is precisely why we’ve included an advanced Scan & Go feature in’s mobile shopping platform. Mobile payments make customers self-reliant and allow them to leave both the line and the stress behind. 

When we create a memorable and positive holiday shopping experience for customers, they remember the value we bring and choose us every other day of the year. Be there for your customers, both in-store and at home, and they’ll turn their appreciation into brand loyalty.

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