launches ‘headless commerce’ monetization platform for retailers

The white-label mobile shopping platform helps brands and retailers build a stronger bond with shoppers using a unique UX featuring personalized promotions, shoppable videos, contextual search and more.

Today’s shoppers demand mobile-first experiences that are perfectly tailored to their specific needs. provides a groundbreaking, comprehensive solution for retailers and brands that covers every part of the mobile shopping journey, turning it into a smooth and smart one for all parties involved. This ‘headless commerce’ solution, which separates the technology’s front-end and back-end layers, offers greater flexibility and allows businesses to move faster and stay relevant. 

Here are some of the prominent benefits and features offered by’s new platform: 

  • Dynamic content: Boost engagement and sales with shoppable videos, real-time recommendations and smart coupons.
  • Advanced technology: Offer the best search experience and add innovative features like text-to-speech. 
  • Personalization capabilities: Nurture every single lead with a dynamic home page and a personalized smart shelf. 
  • Data and analytics: Stop guessing and start basing decisions on user behavior with real-time insights and detailed dashboards and reports. 
  • Monetization opportunities: Offer business partners a prominent shelf location, enable targeted campaigns, and maximize sales revenue.  
  • White-label solutions: Protect your brand’s tone of voice and make our platform your own.  
  • Instant deployment: Turn strategy into reality within two weeks and without compromising.   

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