Introduces Advanced Scan & Go Technology: Contactless Self-Checkout

87% of shoppers prefer retailers that offer touchless self-checkout. Mobile shopping platform completes the cycle with no additional integration and turns shoppers’ mobile phones into scanning and payment tools.

During these turbulent times, customers pay close attention to how minded retailers are of social distancing and hygiene. Creating a safe shopping experience today very much includes coming up with solutions to minimize personal contact.’s mobile shopping platform consists of the perfect Scan & Go feature. One that will make shoppers’ life so much better, they will continue to use it long after the pandemic is over.’s contactless self-checkout tool brings significant benefits: 

  • Safety: The feature enables customers to complete the purchase without contacting a single person or touching public screens. 
  • Speed: Shoppers can skip the line and perform every necessary action on their own, enjoying a frustration-free journey. 
  • Ease of use:’s Scan & Go feature has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that doesn’t require any additional integration and is easy to use from the very first time. 
  • Fast implementation:’s solution is easy and quick to implement, enabling you to offer an immediate answer to customers’ current needs. 
  • Flexibility: Manage the entire cycle via the app or connect to your POS for monitoring purposes. Whichever works best for you. 
  • End-to-end solution: covers every part of the purchasing cycle, from browsing to payment, improving each step.    

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