Shelf Life: The Mobile Version of Shelf Positioning & Product Placement

When shoppers visit a physical store, each and every part of their journey is meticulously designed to encourage certain behavior, leaving nothing to chance. The art of product placement and shelf positioning has a significant impact on their purchase decisions, which makes it a major focal point for retailers. 

Product positioning experts have a deep understanding of the human mind that helps them create detailed planograms of the store based on proven methodologies. These include keeping certain products at eye level, which is also known as “buy level”; calculating the exact number of items a customer is able to view at once; placing related products next to each other as a subtle suggestion or reminder to shoppers; encouraging last-minute impulse buys by positioning certain items next to the cash register; and more. 

Proven Methods with a Digital Twist

When making the transition to e-commerce and mobile shopping, retailers do their best to mimic these principles. Luckily for them, not only are they able to do so, but new technologies actually allow retailers to take things to the next level and utilize capabilities and data that are unique to digital platforms: 

  • Personalized experiences: Retailers can create a customized version of the shop’s home page and shelves based on the user behavior. By analyzing data that includes previous buys and known behavior, retailers can make more accurate suggestions and maximize their basket size. shelfy’s Dynamic Home Page and Smart Shelf features, for example, include the most relevant suggestions at any given moment. Personalized content also includes coupons, recommendations, and last-minute offers that help customers make better decisions and increase user loyalty rates. 

By analyzing data that includes previous buys and known behavior, retailers can make more accurate suggestions and maximize their basket size

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  • Shoppable Content: Mobile offers an improved content experience for shoppers that enables retailers to deliver a stronger message. Small mobile screens are actually packed with sponsored content opportunities that make the most out of their space and shoppers’ attention span. 
  • Shoppable Video Content keeps viewers engaged and immediately turns views into purchases, especially when combined with recipes suggestions and relevant how-tos that increase the basket size by offering new products. 
  • Mobile notifications remind shoppers to use their loyalty points right on time, thus offering much appreciated support to suppers. 
  • An exploration experience that resembles a real store adds to the authenticity and joy of shopping. 

For retailers promoting a variety of brands, this is a way to focus on specific brands and form a stronger connection with suppliers and vendors, as well as create additional monetization channels.  

Getting Mobile Product Placement Right 

It’s important to understand that personalization and ongoing optimization go hand in hand. To reach the best results, retailers must work with real-time data and analyze in-depth reports covering customer behavior and online sales rates. 

Another crucial aspect to consider when using personalization techniques is the difference between supporting customers and making them feel uncomfortable and stalked. Over-personalization might get a little creepy and drive users away. 

By collaborating with shelfy’s mobile e-commerce experts, retailers can harness all the above advantages and more to maximize their profit and boost shoppers’ happiness and loyalty.

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