Seek and You Shall Find: Mobile Shopping Search Technology Is Just What You’re Looking For

Search technology is hands down one of the most important digital innovations. Products like Google’s legendary search engine and Amazon’s Cloud search solution help countless people turn wishes into reality within seconds every single day. Mobile devices become powerful tools that support both customers and retailers. 

Investing in mobile search technology is critical. Research shows that 85% of shoppers conduct an online search before making a purchase. A whopping 90% of mobile searches lead to action, and 70% manage to do so within an hour. In other words, excellent search capabilities = instant profit. 

But what does the term “search technology” really mean? Here are several ways to translate this advanced ability to specific mobile shopping actions. 

Availability check

Nothing is more frustrating than traveling to the store only to learn that the product you need is currently out of stock. During the recent pandemic, this scenario became a recurring nightmare for many customers, who found themselves frantically chasing everyday items like toilet paper and flour. Even before the pandemic, 66% of shoppers left stores empty-handed because the product they needed was unavailable. These numbers are only growing and, considering the added risk of leaving the house these days, the frustration they cause grows as well. 

Search technology can solve this entire mess by allowing shoppers to run a quick availability check before leaving the house. It saves time, reduces risk, and minimizes friction.    

In-store navigation

Things are looking up. The product your customers are looking for is in stock! The only problem is they can’t seem to find it anywhere and have been wandering the store for what seems like forever. Solve this annoying situation by turning customers’ phones into a navigating device. According to the National Retail Federation, 89% of shoppers who gave in-store mobile navigation a try would love to use it again, and if your store offers it, they will come back for another visit. It’s that simple. 

Personalized recommendations

The best search option is not having to search at all. Shoppers’ behavior, previous buys, and common sense should help you know which products are missing from your customers’ cart. By “magically reading their minds” (AKA making data-based, personalized recommendations), you’ll be the best shopping buddy ever. That’s why McKinsey found that one of the most desired uses of personalization in retail is personalized recommendations


Let’s get a bit more technical, shall we? Speech-to-text is an innovative technology that works perfectly with hands-free shopping. It makes the search action more comfortable and gains surprising popularity with elderly crowds who might struggle to read in-app text and tap the right spot on their screen.    

Barcode scanning

Another great technology allows customers to scan a product’s barcode and add it directly to their list or cart. If you run out of milk, the app will help you find and shop your preferred brand in a single step. Barcode scanning creates a seamless purchasing journey and also feels pretty cool. Once again, there’s no need to actively search for anything in order to find it.’s original data shows that around 70% of shoppers search the promotions shelf to find the latest in-app deals and coupons. 60% of shoppers use the category-based search, and 35% use freeform search capabilities. By including all of the above options in your app, you’ll guarantee that customers will find what they need and learn to rely on your business.   

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