In 2021, Let Us Help You Help Others: Promoting Brand Partnerships With Mobile Shopping

As we approach the new year, one of the key goals for retailers is creating meaningful and profitable brand partnerships. According to McKinsey, this is one of the best ways to overcome current challenges. 

For retails who host different brands under the same physical and virtual roof, thinking of new ways to strengthen these business ties and offer value to strategic partners is more critical than ever. In physical stores, shelf positioning and print ads allow them to create impactful opportunities for brands by encouraging buyers to pay attention to specific items. The transition to eCommerce offers even more ways to do so, and here’s why. 

Location, location, location

Virtual shelf positioning and product placement is an art form we discussed in the past. Brands always appreciate a preferred location. They understand very well the value of being strategically positioned in a way that will grab shoppers’ attention at just the right moment. For retailers, this creates a way to offer special benefits to valued partners, as well as an additional revenue stream. Retailers who treat every section of their online store the same way are missing out, big time. 

On the other hand, smart shelf positioning requires a lot of research and an in-depth understanding of the science behind online shopping. Retailers should base their decisions on eye movement studies and statistics regarding shoppers’ behavior. In the age of digital, it’s that much easier for brands to look at the numbers and see if the coveted and expensive spot was worth the investment. 

Content is king

Even retailers who are tired of the phrase in the subtitle must never get too tired to create valuable content for shoppers. Promotional content offers a world of opportunities for them and the brands they represent. Shoppable videos are not only super engaging but can also turn content into buys in a tap. Retailers can harness influencer marketing to create unboxing videos, exciting recipes, recommendation articles, and more. The combination of creativity and technology will provide real value to shoppers and plenty of profit for brands and retailers.     

Personalization is queen 

The above suggestions, and many other parts of the purchasing journey, can all be personalized for maximum impact. Retailers should understand shoppers’ needs and base recommendations on data. This way, they’ll demonstrate impressive expertise to let brands know they’re in capable hands. More than half of shoppers state that personalized content would increase the probability of them making a purchase. When the content itself is also shoppable, we can safely assume that the numbers are even higher. 

Mobile shopping apps allow retailers to control many critical elements of the purchasing process. In a sense, brands put their business in retailers’ hands and hope for the best. In 2021 and beyond, the above tips will turn this hope into solid trust that will create a strong business bond serving everyone involved. 

If you want to implement smart shelf positioning and personalized shoppable content, will show you how. Book your demo now, and your business partners will thank you later! 

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