Mobile Commerce That Converts! is a white-label Mobile Commerce Platform that would be your most profitable online channel
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From Retail Company To a Growth Company

With solution, you can improve your customers' mobile journey and get results as quick as a wink!
3x Conversion
Your customers will love our innovative experience
30% Sales Lift
Get ready for this sales' booster!
70% Higher Retention
Stickiness is our middle name

All In One Mobile Commerce Solution

Our end to end platform will solve all your pains: one app For Shopping, Loyalty, Coupons & Content- Both In-Store & Online. the real magic happens when all of that can be easily integreted to your current backend modules. OK...not ALL your pains...but at least the mobile related ones
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All In One Customer Experience

Your customers will be in love with our innovative experience! they can shop online, access their loyalty cards, utilize points and coupons, interact with bloggers or content and receive personalized promotions. They can even get some extra value while in store, by scanning content or just checking out through their phone!
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2 Weeks Deployment

On Any Cloud / Retailer’s Premise With No IT Disruptions
Like in every relationship, first we need to get to know each other and draw the infrastructure
Customization & Integration
Let's get things done here! APIs are the key at this stage
Starting with soft launch and quickly scale up

More Features is so much more!!
Personalized Smart Shelf
Our signature feature, turning every shelf into a personalized one, based on each customer preferences, behavior and past purchases.
Shoppable Videos
A Dynamic & Gamified Shopping experience synchronizing products from the catalog with relevant content in videos. Increase basket size !
Hot-Text & Voice
More accurate and comprehensive search of products from the catalog using text input as well as voice search. Simply press the mic icon and search !
O2O -Omnichannel Experience
Full Omnichannel support. Enhance in-store experience with Scan & Go, coupons, promotions, barcode scanning, in-store navigation and more
Dynamic Home Page
Customize the APP’s Home page with swipeable banners, special promotions, product carousel, store locator, loyalty card, coupons and videos.
CMS & Backoffice Tools
No strings attached: Built-in Home page CMS, Video Studio, Smart Shelf Editor, Special Event Managerm and more so you can run the Platform in-house

Driven by Data and Analytics

Shelfy “built-in” data capturing capabilities provide you a deeper understanding of the opportunities and constraints impacting your business. We offer you a real-time dashboard and analysis of your sales, giving you special custom reports with deeper analytics of the customer behavior and journey.
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Press & Praise

People who love us besides our moms
"shelfy (SuperUp) re-invents shopping on Mobile"
Douglas Jefferson - Forbes Magazine
"The conversion is higher than with our other online channels, the baskets are fuller"
Roland van den Berg, eCommerce, Kruidvat
“SuperUp has the best mobile shopping platform I’ve ever seen".
David Roth, CEO, WPP-the store

Retail Media Suite - Monetize Your App !

In our Retail Media Platform, you can set, manage, and control multiple campaigns with a variety of advanced advertising formats. This is your chance to help brands and vendors approach their target audience, right at the point of product selection. Monetize your App ! We are all about win-win here at
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Let's Take your Retail Business to the Mobile Era!