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shelfy.io was founded in 2015 with the goal of taking mobile commerce to the next level. We not only enable everyone to shop using their mobile devices, but create amazing purchasing experiences that harness the platform’s unique capabilities.

shelfy.io supports retailers and brands who wish to outperform their competition in the digital commerce arena and provide customers with the most innovative and frictionless online shopping journey.

We are considered leaders in retail digital transformation and can help your organization launch intuitive shopping experiences in no time and no hassle, integrating them with any cloud or on-premise platform.

Especially now, mobile commerce is booming: research published during the COVID-19 pandemic shows that even when we’re all stuck at home, we still reach for our phone instead of using our desktop. During the outbreak, shopping apps experienced a 20% increase in downloads while nearly 70% of millennials chose mobile as their preferred shopping channel.

We are here to take you to the future of mobile shopping. Join our platform now and experience amazing results immediately!



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