Meet shelfy. is a White Label, Headless Mobile Commerce Platform, That Helps Retailers and FMCG Companies Become Growth Companies, with Proven Business Results!

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Our end to end platform will solve all your pains: one app For Shopping, Loyalty, coupons & Content – Both In-Store & Online. The real magic happens when all of that can be easily integrated to your current backend modules. OK…not ALL your pains… but at least the mobile related ones.

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We offer growth solutions for

Driven by Data and Analytics “built-in” data capturing capabilities provide you a deeper understanding of the opportunities and constraints impacting your business. We offer you a real-time dashboard and analysis of your sales and special custom reports with deeper analytics of the customer behavior and user journey.

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Retail Media Suite – Monetize Your App!

In our Retail Media Platform, you can set, manage, and control multiple campaigns with a variety of advanced advertising formats. This is your chance to help brands and vendors approach their target audience, right at the point of product selection. Monetize your App ! We are all about win-win here at

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